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An old revision of a bulbapedia article I remember seeing once listed switching as +6 priority, and wouldn't a Pokemon with prankster and helping hand also have +6 priority for that move?

Link to the old article (it was revised over sometime in 2016): here.

I'm not very good with bulbapedia when it comes to history revisions, so sorry if a better link exists. Ignore what was revised in that too btw, just scroll down to the list of priority.

My understanding is that changing Pokemon is checked before even looking at the Priority table.  This renders everything but Pursuit, which has it's own special rules, irrelevant.
Prankster adds priority to status moves that don't already have priority. It doesn't just add +1 priority to all status moves. I believe that's how it works anyway.

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Prankster increases the priority of status moves by +1.

Now this is quite ambiguous as to whether it simply adds one to the priority. However this won't let you Helping Hand before switching out.

Certain actions always occur before any moves can be performed (with the possible exception of Pursuit). The messages for the activation of Quick Claw, Custap Berry, and O-Powers are always shown before anything else. Switching out, rotating, using items, escaping, and the message that Focus Punch is charging are next


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