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Items included.Critical hits allowed.Explosion and self destruct allowed.Helping hand allowed.STAB included .Double triple or single battles.What is the power of this move?


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Shuckle can deal the most damage. Over the OHKO. 481,266,036!

"A level 100 Shuckle can potentially deal the most damage in one
single attack through the use of numerous stat boosters; by using
Helping Hand by two different Pokémon in a Triple battle, holding a
Metronome, Power Trick, a Skill Swap to Pure Power or Huge Power, 6
Attack boosts, and a Mimiced Me First used on a slower Pokémon using
the Defense Curl/Rollout combo. Also, Shuckle's partner must have the
ability Flower Gift and the weather must be sunny. On the 5th turn of
using Rollout consecutively without any misses, if used against a
level 1 Ledyba, Yanma or Combee with minimum Defense stats, that have
been hit with negative Defense modifiers (such as Screech), it can
deal 481,266,036 damage with a critical hit." Bulbapedia

O.o ow. thats nuts, and entirely improbable.
Very improbable, but it can happen :P