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Hello !

I can speak french very well. So I know that the Ability "Damp" means "Humide" (Hydrated).
I also know that Politoed and Jellicent can have that ability and it happens that both of them are Water, so hydrated. Interesting, no ?

Damp may have some relation with Rain. And Damp states:

"Prevent a Pokemon to use Explosion or Selfdestruct".

So while Damp is, in other words and in french, "quand il y a de l'humidité, les Pokémon ne peuvent pas utiliser Explosion ou Destruction."

That means:

When Damp is in the field, Pokemon cannot use Explosion or Selfdestruct.

Otherwise, Damp = Humidité = Hydrated.

The question is:

Whenever there is Rain, so there is "Humidité = Damp = Hydrated Weather", can Pokemon use Selfdestruct or Explosion ? Because Damp will prevent this by its own.

Hope you understand my logic. ^^

All my wishes to everybody have a nice day :)


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In the main line games, rain does not prevent Self Destruct and Explosion. However, in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, rain prohibits anything from using those moves, in addition to being prevented by Damp.

As to why this wasn't implemented into the main line games, who knows.

Self Destruct (move)
Explosion (move)

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But it must have ... Thank you anyway ^^
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It will work in rain.

Source: I've tested.

Hope this helps!

OK thank to both of you 2.
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No only the ability Damp prevents Selfdestructs and Explosions. Weather has no influence on them.

So Rain has no influence ? I thought the contrary ... Pokemon is not using so much logic, or my logic is stupid
Yeah the guy is right Arcarmon.
Pokemon logic is stupid here are some examples:

1. Arceus is the God Pokemon and in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum he gets captured and takes orders from a 10 year old character

2. If you use Surf and battle a pokemon or trainer (your basically battling on water. So how the HECK can ground types STILL use DIG and not get damaged.

3. Who goes on an EPIC road and ends up feeling disappointed because there's a 'small' tree in the way and you can't get past (even though you can just walk over the tree or around it)
Oh yeah ...