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I think I know the answer to this, but I want to make sure.


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Color Change:
> After being hit by a damage-dealing move, a Pokémon with Color Change will change its type so that it is the same as that of the move that harmed it.

> Immediately before using any move (other than Struggle), a Pokémon with Protean as its ability will change its type(s) to match that of the move it is using.

So basically they are the same thing except Protean changes the user to the type of move it's about to use, and Color Change changes the user to the type of move it was hit with.


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Ok, I get it now. Thanks! So would you say Protean is the more preferable ability?
Yeah. Definitely since you can actually control what type you change into, plus the constant STAB is always nice.
You can also use moves to change its type to it can avoid super effective moves.