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1,640,000 exp is insane. It's not like he's OP or anything. His base total stats is only 458.


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The second experience group introduced in Generation III, and a direct
opposite to the Erratic group, the Fluctuating experience group
contains the Pokémon which grow the slowest of all, reaching level 100
with a whopping 1,640,000 experience points.

Fluctuating is the exact opposite of Erratic. Seviper's rival Zangoose is in the Erratic group. This is one reason behind its growth rate.

Bulbapedia: Fluctuating Exp

Also Zangoose and Seviper were both introduced in Gen 3, the same time as the growth rates Fluctuating and Erratic. I think GameFreak wanted to make the two Pokemon as opposite as possible, including their growth rates.

Ok, that makes a lot of sense, thanks.
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