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I am breeding a shellos with the nature calm and the ability storm drain. My friend said that it will only need perfect ivs for everything but attack. It that true? I'm not doubting my friend, I just want to make sure. Thanks!


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Yeah, what you're friend told you is right, since you should never, ever be using it's low attack stat.

But if you don't feel like breeding a 5 IV Pokemon, you can settle for perfect IVs in HP, SAtk, SDef, and Def since it has terrible speed anyways.

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Thanks so much! I've been trying to breed for 6 ivs, but only getting 4 or 5.  Thanks again!!
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It doesn't make a difference. Its mainly a way to limit the effectiveness of moves that rely on your Pokemon's ATK stat. Foul Play for an example does more damage the higher your attack stat.

Its not really worth all the trouble, however if you are prepared to waste time breeding for an occasion where the opponent does have a move like Foul Play, then go for it. However it is a very rare occurance and IMO not worth breeding for if you are in a rush.

Thanks so much! To tell you the truth, I was actually starting to waste some time before I realized it was not worth it. Thanks again!