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Since he has superior speed and attack I'm pretty sure he could hit hard and fast as a physical sweeper. Is there any other Pokemon with a similar type and movepool that might work better?

Aero is a good sweeper, but is frail. Js.
see that's what i was thinking. it probably wouldnt stand up very well against a super effective attack..
In my opinion, try Staraptor: Normal/Flying, Nature:Adamant (Raise attack, lower Special Attack that it does not need) EVs: 252 on Attack and Speed, the rest can go to any other. IVs: Try to get as much IVs to Attack and Speed.

Close Combat
A good physical move, lowering stats Staraptor does not really depend on.

If you have a chance to heal this Staraptor, use this move

Brave Bird
A powerful flying type move, although damage is took. Use close combat if you have low health (I suggest using Roost to get back health)

A a tad bit above average flying type move. (I usually use this if I'm low on PP for my other moves and I don't want to  use it on a Pokemon)

Staraptor has lower speed than Aerodactyl, so make sure to get as close to 31 speed IVs to make up to that
U-Turn > Fly

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Aerodactyl is a good physical sweeper you just have to make sure it's very fast (fastest in battle)because it doesn't have a good chance of surviving a super effective attack. If I had to say a moveset it would be:

Item Focus Sash or Life Orb

Thunder Fang
Fire Fang
Roost // you can put any move here because the other moves cover weaknesses

Hope Ive helped :)

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