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Special Keldeo is better; it has a base special attack of 129 and a base attack of only 72.

Since it can be TMed Calm Mind, Hydro Pump and Secret Sword are its best STAB special moves, and since it has no physical Water move more powerful than Hydro Pump, a special set would be superior.

The only merit in running a physical set is possibly because of the STAB priority Aqua Jet, but its attack is still far below its special attack to give this any merit. Setting up one Calm Mind would do more damage than a Swords Dance.

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A special Keldeo is far better than a physical one.
He has a bad base for Attack (72),
While his Special is far better (129).

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Special, by far. Keldeo has a bad Attack stat (72) and a much better Special Attack (129). It just doesn't make sense to use a physical one.