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i have Pokemon with pokerus and I need a macho brace for it to be affective but I remember selling it along time ago. can somebody tell me where I can buy/find one?

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I'm assuming you're talking about X & Y. There is only one Macho Brace in the game, and that's on Route 15. Here are locations for other games:

B2&W2: Route 16
B&W: Nimbasa City


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Well since you dont mention what game you are playing then I'll post all of them.

FRLG: Viridian City
RSE: Route 110
DPPt: Pastoria City
HGSS: Goldenrod City
BW: Nimbasa City

Hope I helped

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Since you sold the Macho Brace, you cannot get another one in-game. They may not be bought, and you can receive one in-game. The best solution is to trade with someone who is willing to give you one. Another solution is to restart your game.

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For Black, you can find one from a guy near nimbasa city. after that, you can't get another one.

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