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I'm confused on how to do that. Are you supose to keep encountering the same Pokemon or not. I looked up on the internet how to do it. Did it all right but it still broke. Please help me!


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Yes, you are supposed to find multiple Pokemon. It's different to PokeRadar chaining.

Also, it's normal for the chain to break. What you need is to lead your party with a Pokemon with the ability Suction Cups. It will guarantee that a Pokemon turns up on your rod, 100% of the time. This is the best way to do chaining, and is pretty much responsible for the swarm of Shiny ocean Pokemon in trades.

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I have one more question. If my lead faints ( suction cups)  will it effect my chain? Will I have to revive it?

Thanks for answering my question!
Yes it will, just faint it beforehand because going to your bag will break your chain.
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Well when you fish you find different Pokemon. You randomly fish out a Pokemon but if you fished the same Pokemon about 10-15 times, then that is the only Pokemon in that river/bay/ocean. It also depends on where you fish at.