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My Smeargle knows Sticky Web and Stealth rock. I'm gonna teach it toxic spikes and spore. What mega evolution would do best to help Smeargle in a double battle?

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Double Battles shouldn't see the use of hazards, at least not a lot. Switching can cost you so much more in doubles, so it's really unusual to switch Pokemon. Most times you just have to let your Pokemon out on the field tough it out instead of switching, since that wastes you a precious move.

Smeargle will very likely be KO'd before doing anything, and with the popularity of moves like Fake Out and other priority moves like Mach Punch, Smeargle won't be long lived. Also, Prankster is really common in doubles, and when you see a Smeargle, you will immediately know that it's there to set up.

Smeargle is just not good for double battles, considering that they're hyper offensive, and your opponent can just target one Pokemon with both of its Pokemon to remove a threat. If you really wanted to use it, use something that has considerable bulk and Follow Me, like Togekiss or Jirachi. But like I said, switching is so much less common in doubles that you'd do more damage by outright attacking rather than waiting for your opponent to switch into residual hazard damage.

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Okay then..
What would go well with Smeargle in any kind of battle? I like mega mawile and mega kangaskhan..
To be honest, the rest of the team doesn't matter to Smeargle. It's not meant to stall or survive, it's meant to set up some hazards before being KO'd. If this is singles, use whatever mega evolution you want because there's literally no synergy to consider when using a Smeargle, as you don't anticipate it to survive the battle.
Okay I can see why. I'll use my favorite mega evolution. Thanks for the help!
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Amoonguss (best combo even though it does not mega evolve)
It knows rage powder(lv 54) and can get all the moves directed at smeargle to amoongus.

252 Def./252 Sp. Def/4 Hp
Rage powder

Smeargle's only weakness is Fighting and Fighting type moves aren't very effective against Amoongus.(1/2=not very effective)

Also, get rid of spore since Amoonguss is going to learn it and replace it with protect

Battle sequence:
Smeargle used protect
Amoonguss used ingrain
then do whatever you like

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Considering Rage Powder got a significant nerf in Gen VI, being unable to redirect Fake Out and having no effect against grass types, it's not a good idea to pair it with Smeargle. Additionally, Rage Powder won't redirect moves like Rock Slide and Heat Wave. Also Amoongus is so slow that Taunt will render its entire set useless, and Prankster is really common in doubles.
Spore is also useless because Smeargle already has Spore.
"Also, get rid of spore since Amoonguss is going to learn it and replace it with protect"
READ! i already said that!
The why didn't you just put Protect in the moveset??
Please explain your question, b/c i dont understand