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I think it is important to note that I have reached the Battle Tree and battled through the endgame content on my Ultra Sun game. I would like to teach Smeargle specific moves with Sketch. I know double battles are the ideal format for this, however, I'm not sure where I can find double battles to teach him moves without him fainting prematurely (I don't mind if he faints but I at least want him to sketch the move I want before he does). My smeargle is at level 72 currently. Any ideas?


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Since there are no repeatable Double Battle methods that allow you to Sketch Moves and remember them, I would use wild Smeargles. I believe this is the easiest method for Sketching moves you want to learn. I will give you an example though. In this case, we will use Flamethrower.
1. Go to Route 2 and encounter a Smeargle.
2. Lead out with the Pokémon that knows Flamethrower and use it On Smeargle. Note: You have to be faster than it because Sketch only has. 1 PP. Also, don't kill it.
3. Send out your Smeargle and use Sketch. You don't have to be faster than it because it only knows Flamethrower now.
4. Celebrate because you now know Flamethrower! :).
This is the method which I believe is the easiest way, but here is another one in case you don't like this way. Keep in mind that this one is very tough. Here are the steps and I will use Flamethrower again.
1. Find a wild Pokémon that knows Flamethrower. Keep in mind that would pokémon always know the last four moves they learn by level up.
2. Make sure your Smeargle is faster and stall using items until the wild Pokémon uses Flamethrower.
3. Use Sketch and boom, you now know Flamethrower!
Hope I helped!
Source for the ways: https://www.smogon.com/ingame/guides/how_to_sketch

Thank you! I can't believe I did not think of this method!
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There is exactly one repeatable double battle in the overworld, that being the match against Shigeki Morimoto and Kazumasa Iwao in the Game Freak office in Heahea City. You can challenge them once per day, and can set up a faster teammate to use a move and then Smeargle Sketches it. Note that Morimoto's lead Gengar has 183 speed and full Special Attack EVs, so you'll either need Smeargle to be faster than that, or at least bulky enough to take a hit so it doesn't get KO'd before it can Sketch.

If getting up to a high enough level that you can use them to sketch one move per day isn't appealing, another thing you can do is use wild Ditto. Delete all moves off of some Pokemon except the one you want to sketch (and it can be low leveled so as not to pose a threat), then search the grass on Mount Hokulani for a Ditto and bring in the Pokemon that only has that move when you find it. Ditto will Transform, then you switch to Smeargle and it uses that move, then you Sketch. In a few cases you'll need a more complicated setup, such as if the move you want to sketch is Explosion.