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I try battleing a bunch of smeargles and use spore on them , but they all failed to sketch the move , why? ;_;

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If you want your smeargle to learn spore, just catch one and put it in a double battle, then have it sketch your other Pokemon's spore. Otherwise, I don't really know

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He asked why using spore on wild Smeargles didn't work.
I don't think they were wild Smeargle, since it would be pretty obvious why Sketch didn't work in that case: they were asleep. Maybe on the waking turn it would make sense, but the asker's post makes it hard to tell exactly what happened.
But as far as I know, the method in this answer would work -- and it doesn't sound much like what the asker was attempting.
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First you should have a Pokemon with spore and your Smeargle with sketch (this can be done by going to the move relearner). Then you have to find another Smeargle, either by the Ruins Of Alph or in the Safari Zone. Have your "spore-Pokemon" first in your party, when you encounter a smeargle....... O wait it will fall asleep.....

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If you know the answer is wrong, then why are you answering?