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So I recently got a Smeargle in Pokemon GO. I saw the cost of Candies for it to be taught a new move: 99999999999. And 0 stardust. I know that Smeargle isn’t supposed to learn any moves besides sketch, but what if someone did get that much candies? Will the game break? So, if anyone at least hacked for it, does anyone know what will happen? I know this question is too complicated, but I would at least want a guess.

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Lol 9999999999 is a phone number.
I think there is an upper limit to the candies you can hold, it's lesser than 9999999999
I remember hearing that Pokemon Go had a limit to the amount of candies obtainable was limited in some way. I'd just assume it's impossible and it'd be a similar fake out trick in a vein to the Bicycle in Gen 1
Can't you test this yourself? :P
I don't think it's humanly possible for anyone to get 99999999999 candy for any Pokemon, let alone Smeargle... yet. We'll just have to see if anyone's crazy enough to see the cap for candy and if Smeargle can be taught a new move.
What if they hacked? Oh and also WHY THE HECK DOES HE NOT KNOW SKETCH IN POKÉMON GO!!

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I bought a 12.00 phone for this today, You owe me.(Not really but my last burner obtained to many viruses for me to do stuff like this anymore lol so I just picked up a new one)

So I tinkered around a bit with it and oh my gosh am I glad I did because this might be the coolest Easter Egg I've ever found in a mobile game (It's not like mind blowing but mobile games aren't exactly filled with Easter eggs so it ranks pretty high for me.

So no hacks yeah its just a bunch of 9's with hacks, well I mean more 9's but whats interesting is whwn you teach him tne new move ...Yes it's sketch buttttt not really If you go to a gym and fight some one and send out smeargle no matter what it lags like bad bad but basically it uses whatever move your opponent uses, but just for that battle it goes back to normal afterwards

Pretty cool sorry if I hyped it up to much but the gameplay was very enticing. hope I helped!

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Thank u
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