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Is it possible to trade between all 5 of those?
If so, how between SS and PLAT/D/P. I'm confused how to trade wireless with a friend code.
I really want a elekid, murkrow, and gengar by trading my current haunter.
Can someone help me out? Thanks


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Yes all Gen IV games are compatible for trading between each other.

You trade between them just like you normally do, by adding the friend code into your pal pad and going into the waiting room and you should see the person you're supposed to trade with there.

All you need is the first badge and more than 1 Pokemon in your possession and you'll be able to trade.

If two Pokemon games are in the same generation, they are compatible. (With the exception of Gen I and II, which are compatible with each other)
Just saying. :D
Oh I only said Gen IV because that's what the question asked; I didn't think that far ahead lol.
Yeah, but I thought that was just worth noting. xD
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Yep, you can trade with all the 5 games.
The only rule to trading between these games are having 1 badge and 1 Pokemon on your party.
If they are in the same generation, you can trade with the games in the generation.