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Gen 2 Poké Balls as in the Apricorn Balls that were first introduced in G/S/C, but are also available in HeartGold / SoulSilver.

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You can trade from HG/SS to D/P/PL with the Pal Pad but you cannot trade the pokéballs as the Pokemon can't hold it.
>While Apricorns and the Poké Balls that are made from them can be held by a Pokémon in Generation II, this is not allowed in the Generation IV remakes, as these items are not programmed into the other games of that generation.

So, you cannot trade them into the Sinnoh games. If you trade a pokémon in a HG/SS pokeball, it will be a plain regular one when it goes to Sinnoh. I'm not sure if you can even trade Pokemon now, I think they shut off the wi-fi, but not completely sure about that.

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he meant HeartGold and Soulsilver
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