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So far, I can only remember Pikachu's cry being 'Pika Pika' Are there any Pokémon whose cries sound like those in the anime? (X &Y)


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Well, since X and Y completely changed most Pokemon's cries there is only one known to have the same cry as in the anime.

In X and Y Pikachu's updated cry will be from the anime. It is the only known Pokémon whose cry is like this.

This information comes directly from a Nintendo representative who was
giving us a hands on demo of Pokémon X and Y last Tuesday.

Since it DOES say that it's the only KNOWN Pokemon, there could be more. However, since this came directly from a Nitendo representative, I doubt it.

Hope this helps!

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How come Pikachu's cry is the same as the anime, but Pichu and Raichu's cries aren't?
Because Pikachu is the signature Pokemon. even though Pichu and Raichu are evolutionary forms, they don't hold the same symbolism as Pikachu.
I know that, but, realistically speaking,  if Pikachu's cry is the same as the anime, I feel that at least Raichu's should be as well. It doesn't seem right to me that Pikachu is able to say its name, but when it evolves, it can't anymore. Have you heard Raichu's new cry? It just sounds like....electricity xD
Game Freak wanted it like thaaaaaaat...
I knooowwww...
U forgot when he dies he says the same thing but sad