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After defeating Sabrina, my Venusaur has been acting weird. First of all, it has been doing way less damage that it used to do. I use the VS seeker on the bird keepers in Fuchisa which sounds dumb but it can normally OHKO the fearows with a return. Now, it can't even OHKO the spearows. Next, its cries sound different every time I send it into battle. I'm not talking about if Venusaur is below half hp its cry is different. I'm talking about Venusaur's cry being slower, faster, higher, lower, basically more distorted. Please tell me why this is happening.

If you didn't already know this is Fire Red.

Your Venusaur is playing a cruel joke on you, duh
Lol I really hope it is
you said you're playing on the gameboy? now that I think about it, i actually had a similar problem with my Game Boy Color, because the speaker had some water damage and couldn't play certain notes anymore. It's possible yours also has water damage and can't play the pitch/note like it used to. if you gba has a headphone jack, plug in headphones and see if the distortion goes away. If it goes away, then it's a speaker issue
That could be the problem, but what about how it’s damage is weaker?
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Hi! I think I know the solution to your Venusaur Problem and the Sound Problem, please let me know if this helps!

For the damage problem, you say you've been using Return. Return is a move based around friendship/happiness, and can very easily go down upon defeat and use of certain items. This is a guide on Friendship. If your Venusaur fainted in Sabrina's gym, then that's likely why your friendship went down.

For the Distorted Cry, I'm nearly positive it has to do with your Gameboy. My GBC had some water damage to the speaker, and suddenly certain noises it couldn't produce, which make some notes sound really distorted. It's likely that your GBA's speaker got wet too. That can be fixed by replacing it.

I hope this helps!

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ill check the speakers and I totally didn't lose to Sabrina a coupe of times  because of stupid crit hax. Anyways this helped a lot thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad to help! Please keep me updated!