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i really missed out on Pokemon events for the past few years and I am wondering when the next one is coming.

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In black and white all events have been closed down since x and y came out

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There doesn't seem to be any new Pokemon events coming for Pokemon Black/White since it's getting old. All the new Pokemon events will be for Pokemon X/Y. The current Pokemon event for X/Y is the Speed Boost Torchic with the Blazikenite.
Here is a link for all the Pokemon events for Black/White:
As you can see there hasn't been any new events since the Darkrai WiFi event.

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The next event to come is the Celebi event in X and Y.If you get access to Pokemon Bank until 30th of September 2014 you will receive this Celebi.émon_Bank

Click to the link and scroll down unlti you find the Celebi.This source of information is always trustful and I reccoment you to use it.

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