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I keep seeking it on some of my Pokemon I don't know what it means.

Help please!


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It means poke'rus (Pokemon virus) has worn off but the effects still remain.

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I was wondering about that too.
But I looked around on the internet a bit and it said,
that those little faces mean that your Pokemon once had pokerus and is now cured.
Hope I helped!

Lol 2 seconds slower
Darn it, I don't have pokerus after all!
Yes you still have poke'rus you just can no longer pass it on.
Oh that is what I wanted to do!
hehe, yeah 2 second difference. yeah as sp said,  u cant pass it on now, well from that pokemon anyway.
Yes. The straight face notes that the Pokemon has overcome the virus and cannot receive it again. That is why it is important to pass the virus through your Pokemon and keep one in your PC to allow EV training to become a lot quicker.