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I'm looking for a bulky Pokemon to use in LC. Do you know any?

It depends on the rest of your team.

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Statistically, the best tank in LC is Vullaby. Because Vullaby won't fit on every team, I'll list the top four defensive Pokemon in LC. They are Vullaby, Timburr, Foongus, and Alolan Grimer. These Pokemon tend to be better than stuff like Onix (which is really only good as a sweeper) because they have less weaknesses, and they tend to be better than stuff like Lileep and Mareanie because they can actually attack and don't rely on toxic for damage. Because LC tends to be fast-paced, toxic is relatively unreliable.

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I know I'm very late but Onix isn't a sweeper. Also Toxic is unreliable because of low HP values, i.e the extra damage it gains over time being nearly irrelevant.

Other good bulky Pokemon include Mienfoo, Staryu, Ferroseed and Pawniard.

It should be obvious that you should always run Eviolite on any bulky mon.
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Like sumwun said, it does all depend on your team, but certain 'Mons do stand out defensively. For example, Onix has decent bulk, but lots of common weaknesses, so it's probably not suited for a wall. However, Pokemon like Mareanie and Lileep have natural bulk and fit as defensive pivots or dedicated walls. There are many others, but it's a long list, so those are just a few examples to get your process started. Hope this helps!

Vullaby is statistically the best tank, yet you didn't mention it at all?!
I said there are many others. Chill out.
But why would you choose to mention something as unviable as Lileep but leave out Vullaby? I think your answer is misleading.