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As a part of building my team, I want a stealth rock user that I can also pivot into to take a hit for my u-turn lead. My choice as of right now is cradily, as its only common weakness is fighting, and no one would use a fighting type move on my lead (an infernape), also absorbing super effective water type moves with storm drain and taking super effective flying type moves, along with its recovery and good defenses. I was wondering if this would indeed be a viable option or if there were any better suggestions. I'm also not interested in anything listed as OU or above by smogon, as I battle in the UU tier. Thanks! c:

Rhyperior with rock head would be a good start, but be sure to boost its Sp. Def. I'm sure there are better options, but there's a start
I use Shuckle with Red Card. It gets contrary Shell Smash and rest too if that seals the deal, that and it's 345 base special defense in a Sandstorm. It has no health but boy can it take a serious Beat down! You can also try the Toxic+Infestation method if you need damage, or a rocky helmet if you're feeling like you want them to think about where they went wrong in life. (P.S. It's a shuckle. Love it or leave it)
Haha, yeah, making them think about where they went wrong in life is the goal.
Just out of curiosity, have you ever ran shuckle with power swap? I can't imagine it would be very useful since it's so slow and would have such bad defenses afterwards, but I wanted the poinion of someone who had used shuckle before!

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Cradily is a good choice for a bulky stealth rocker. can take an adamant Icicle Crash from Mamoswine too (I lost my Mamoswine to Cradily lol). But there are still good ones Like:

  • Rhyperior
  • Uxie
  • Bronzong
  • Aggron and Mega Aggron
  • Steelix and Mega Steelix
  • Shuckle
    It all comes down to user preference. I prefer Mental Herb Shuckle due to mental herb removing taunt allowing for stealth rocks no matter what (unless there's magic bounce or magic coat in effect)

Hope I helped!

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A lot of people say that they recommend shuckle, what kind of moveset do you think would be best for it? c: I also noticed that Mamoswine can learn stealth rock as well, do you think that's a viable option? Sorry for all he questions, I've never run any pokemon with entry hazards before, so it's kinda a new concept to me!