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I’m deciding if Galvantula or Fertothorn is better for my team right now.
Galvantula is for the Sticky Web set up and also for an easy Thunder Wave on my opponents.
However, Ferrothorn can set up hazards with little difficulty thanks to its bulk.
Spikes and Stealth Rock breaks Focus Sashes and also deal some damage to get an easier OHKO
On the other hand however, Sticky Web lowers the opponents speed, and as we all know, speed is an essential thing to have to win a battle.
So which one should I choose?

Ferrothron could also use thunder wave. And speed wasnt that kind of important seems that Trick Room, Propity, and Items such like Iron Ball and Lagging Tail
Depends on what ur team is, ferrothorn help does chip damage which helps wall breakers or if ur team's sweepers hv somewhat middling speed or is super popular sweepers, u gonna need sticky web
What format/rules are you playing with?
I'd use araquanid over galvantula in my opinion, it has amazing sp def, good defense, and can overall take the hit for a sticky web.
Stealth Rocks or Spikes are practically a must have on every team, and I would only use Sticky Web in addition to the other two.
I wouldn't say spikes as much. They need 3 turns to be fully setup, unless you want them to break sash, but stealth rocks are fine. Personally, for hazards my order is stealth rocks>spikes>sticky web>toxic spikes.
Since the majority of Stealth Rock weak Pokemon are using Heavy Duty Boots now, I feel like Spikes are a bit better at this point. Plus, the option to set up multiple layers is a benefit not a detriment. They are effective even if you only can get one layer up.
Oh true forgot about heavy duty boots. And yea, I guess

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First, let’s take a look at its stats. It has a not too bad BST of 489. It mostly serves as a hazard settler because of its amazing bulk with 131 Defense and 116 S. Def, it is likely to take a hit. Compared to Galvantula’s 60 Defenses, Ferrothorn is much more likes to take a hit. However, Ferrothorn does have a 4x weakness to Fire, a common type to use in competitive. Although Ferrothorn’s Speed is much lower than Galvantula’s they’re offensive stats are about the same. Ferrothorn also has access to Thunder Wave so no need to use Galvantula’s Thunder Wave. You can also give it a Focus Sash to withstand at least one hit.

Now, let’s Look at Galvantula’s stats. It has a lower BST of 472, but still good to use. It is substantially faster than Ferrothorn and has a bit higher of an offensive stat. You may use this as your hazard settler but I recommend Ferrothorn instead because of its higher defensive stats. Slowing down the opponent is good, though. Nevertheless, I still recommend Ferrothorn because Stealth Rocks and Spikes both deal damage to the opponent, resulting in a higher damage output.

Hope I helped!