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If I used a Pokemon to put both of these entry hazards into place, would they both come into affect?
Obviously not if it were a flying because spikes does not affect but any other Pokemon.

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Yes they would you could set up all layers of the entry hazards at the same time.


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What difference does it make if I add a whole bunch of them. For example 3 spikes and 3 rocks?
well firstly you can only have up 1 set of rocks, but as you increase the number of spikes you have on the field the more damage a pokemon will take when it comes in. There are three type of entry hazards: Stealth Rocks,Normal Spikes and Toxic Spikes. You can only set up one set of rocks, three layers of Normal Spikes and two layers of Toxic Spikes.If you have one layer of Toxic Spikes up the pokemon would get poisoned, but with two layers of Toxic Spikes the pokemon will become badly poisoned