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What I'm asking is, do Spikes do a set amount of damage, or does it vary based on the target's resistance/weakness to Ground-type attacks? For example, do Spikes damage Heatran more than they damage Parasect?


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I found my answer.  http://pokemondb.net/move/spikes  I still think this question should remain here, in case someone else has the same question.  (Somebody answer this please, it's not hard.)

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No its doesnt

The damage from spikes is calculated by how many you put and flying and levitate Pokemon will not be damaged by spikes.

1 layer will do 1/8
2 layers will do 1/6
3+ layers will do 1/4

Stealth rocks depends on the Pokemon type.

Type Effectivness Damage
x0.25 Effective 1/32 of Max HP (3.125%)
x0.5 Effective 1/16 of Max HP (6.25%)
x1 Effective 1/8 of Max HP (12.5%)
x2 Effective 1/4 of Max HP (25%)
x4 Effective 1/2 of Max HP (50%)

So its impossible to K.O a full health Pokemon with entry hazard

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Yes it does. Read the chart on the image below, V

enter image description here

See the chart? It says that 1 layer of spikes does 1/8 damage to a Pokemon that lands on it. 2 layers does 1/6, and last but not least 3 layers does 1/4 damage.


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Spikes is not based on types
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