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I was wondering if there was a possible breeding route to get this combination and what it would be. thank you


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If you're playing Black White 1, then it is not so simple. In fact, it so complicated, that I suggest trading for one.

However, since your tags indicate B/W 1, these are the Pokemon you must have:

  • Cacnea (Through Poketransfer or Dream World)
  • Breloom / Shroomish (Found in Black only)
  • Dwebble or its evolution, Crustle

If you have all those, first, breed a Male Cacnea with Spikes (through level up) with a female Dwebble.

The resultant Dwebble will know spikes Now breed this (male) Dwebble after it learns Stealth Rock at Level 28, with a female Ferroseed to get a Ferroseed with both the moves.

Finally, breed the Ferroseed with a male Breloom (with Seed Bomb, learnt at level 41) to obtain desired Ferroseed, and then Ferrothorn.

In Black/ White 2, it is much simpler.

Just Breed a Ferrothorn (Female) with a male Cacnea knowing Spikes.

Teach the resultant Pokemon Seed Bomb and Stealth Rock at the Move Tutor (s) after saving up Shards.

Sources 1 and 2.

[Credits to Mew for for the first bit, as seen in the source.]