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he has high health but low defence, same goes for other health giants like wigglytuff.


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Yes, Wailord is incredibly frail in everything besides HP. Its Defence and Special Defence are both base 45, which is incredibly low. Wailord will lose to any decently powered attack. Some examples:

>252 SpA Life Orb Jolteon Thunderbolt vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Wailord: 640-751 (117.6 - 138%) -- guaranteed OHKO

>252+ Atk Life Orb Reckless Hitmonlee High Jump Kick vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Wailord: 637-750 (117 - 137.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Damage calculator

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fizz, it seems you misunderstood the question. You shoulda said "no" because Wailord isn't remotely bulky.
"Is wailord bulky with just hp?"
No, Wailord isn't and won't be bulky with just HP.. But Wailord is bulky IN HP. However much Wailord's HP is high, it has no bulk because of bad defensive stats.
It's been BA'd by the asker, so it makes absolutely no difference. They got the answer they wanted.
the calculations answered my question.
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Yes, I'm pretty sure he is just bulky in hp.