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I went to the move reminder and saw that my Ampharos can learn Ion Deluge. So after reading it's description I thought to myself I can get STAB off of Hyperbeam. So I went into a battle, Mega evolved him while using Ion deluge then the next turn I used hyperbeam on a Fletchinder and it was normal effective. So my question is does the attacks dealt by the opponent gain electric type or is it something extra I have to do.

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For the remainder of the current turn, all Normal-type moves used by any Pokémon on the field become Electric-type moves. Normal-type status moves are also affected by Ion Deluge, causing them to trigger Lightning Rod, Motor Drive or Volt Absorb instead of having their normal effect.

Since you used Hyper Beam on the turn after, it didn't change typing.
This also means that it is best used in Double Battles, with a fast supporting Pokemon using the move.

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Oh ok thanks for the clarification :).