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And secondly, can any Pokemon legitimately use that combination (either Sniper + Storm Throw or Sniper + Frost Breath).

From a quick check on pokemon showdown pokemon with the ability Sniper don't have access to Frost Breath or Storm Throw.

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Seen as your question hasn't been fully answered I shall answer it now.

Though no Pokemon may be able to pull off the combination legitimately, the boost will still occur so instead of doing 1.5x (assuming you are playing gen VI) it will receive a 2.25x boost. So Storm throw/Frost Breath will be effectively dealing 135 damage (without stab) which is almost on par with moves such as Overheat.

I brought up this last point seen as there are metagames that allow you to use non legitimate Pokemon making these combinations possible. I don't believe there is a public hack for x and y yet (if there will be one).


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Slapmyturnip is correct - Frost Breath or Storm Throw can't be learnt by Sniper Pokemon.

So, no. No Pokemon can legitimately learn that combination. Sorry. :(

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Bulbapedia