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^ l have Soul Silver.

If you still need the TM, I can give it to you I have an extra. message me on my psypoke account, same username, and I'll give it to you. :)
Ohh, that's very generous, but I can't take another persons TM. But if l can't get it for my Metagross than I will inform you, thanks though! :)

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No, however you can breed it onto other Pokemon.

How do you breed it to other pokemon?
l never understood Egg Breeding.
Its quite easy to breed. If yo have a ditto and you take it to a daycare. (If it is not on HG or SS hen im not quite sure cos Im only just started on Diamond) leave it and the daycare people will ring you up or if you go past anougther time and talk to them they will tell you! If your pokemon are unbreedable (Legendry pokemon mostly) then this will not work.
Happy breeding pokemon! 8-)
You won't be able to breed moves if you use Ditto. See our breeding guide for some tips and info: http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/breeding