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I was wondering why TMs can be used more than once in Pokemon Black and White? Not that I don't love it, I was just wondering because they have never done this before.

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Its just modern convience the creators just wanted to add to the game. Just like double battles, more orginized pc storage, infinte space in bag and the running ability. More cool stuff Is sure to come in future pokemon games:)

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wish i would of known this before finishing the game, i saved all my tms to not waste any on un-evtrained pokes.
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I don't know any reason but to make tactic battling easier. Also to high up the prices of TMs that you can buy.... and making TMs more valuable and more awesome to have....
I mean, it's damn awesome that they are infinite!

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Just that the creators wanted to add differences like the dust clouds or the shacking grass to attract more plAyers. But come to think of it, it's awesome having something like a HM that you can you can use infinity times but still can be forgotten naturally. POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE ROCKS!