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Other than the mall on Route 9, please.


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Using BP Points in the Battle Subway located in Nimbasa can get you TMS. Hope this helps

  • You can also buy TMS In Icirrus City. The TMS are Blizzard, Thunder, and Fire Blast all worth 70,000!
  • In Mistralton City, you can buy TMS Hail, Sunny Day, Rain Dance,and Sandstorm for 50,000!
  • In Nimbasa City, you can buy TMS Frustration, Return, Thunder Wave, Gyro Ball, Light Screen, Safeguard, and Reflect for 30,000! Hope this helps...
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And also you can buy Giga Impact and Hyper Beam in the shopping mall Nine.
Lady serpirior said besides shopping mall 9 GAMEBEATER