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So its there an mode.Because I want to know,if I learn one of my pokemon an TM to know if I can get it again.

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You can buy:
Veilstone Dept. Store (D/P/Pt) and Goldenrod Dept. Store (HG/SS)
-TM22 Solarbeam
-TM38 Fire Blast
-TM25 Thunder
-TM14 Blizzard
-TM15 Hyper Beam
-TM52 Focus Blast
-TM54 False Swipe
-TM83 Natural Gift
-TM17 Protect
-TM33 Reflect
-TM16 Light Screen
-TM70 Flash
-TM20 Safeguard (D/P/Pt only)
Celadon Dept. Store (HG/SS)
-TM12 Taunt
-TM20 Safeguard
-TM21 Frustration
-TM27 Return
-TM28 Dig
-TM41 Torment
-TM55 Brine
-TM72 Avalanche
-TM76 Stealth Rock
-TM78 Captivate
-TM79 Dark Pulse
-TM87 Swagger
fuuhhhh... sure a lot!

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