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Look at the title


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Driftveil market???
>You can buy one for $9600 in the market in driftveil city after you beat the elite 4
you buy all the incense from a guy from team plasma. (Don't worry he wont battle you)

PS the market isn't the pokemon center. It is that huge gray rectangle in the middle of the city. PS again. The only thing missing in the picture is that team plasma guy. He is in between the blonde hair lady and the one above her. As you can see, the market is to the left of the houses under the pokemon center

HOPE this helps :D credit to Sam Sam Sam Sam for more info and PikachuSwagg for 2nd picture

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Its so expensive. All it does is evolve azumaril
By the way, you buy ALL the incense in the Driftveil Market from the ex-Team Plasma member.
thank you both
Thank you pika power but i want it to breed a manaphy to phiony.