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How do i get the sea incense?
How do i get the blue shard?

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it depends in which game
you need to tell us which game

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Sea Incense
RSE Mt. Pyre
FRLG Lost Cave
DPPt Route 204
HGSS Cerulean Cave
BW Driftveil Market (Post-National Pokédex)

Blue Shard
RSE Underwater, held by wild Clamperl
DPPt Underground, Fuego IronworksPt, Great MarshPt
HGSS Rock Smash, Beautiful Beach
BW Black City

For more info check serebii.net or bulbapedia.net. Hope this helps

Beautiful Beach is a Pokewalker route for more info.
thanks i forgot that
I'm sorry, it's in emerald, thanks ShinyDrizzlePolitoed, i go search for them ;)
your welcome
I just have the game emerald and fire red, i go try to trade some stones and pokemons by the fire red to the emerald, include the water stone, ty