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It's more of a special attacker, but is the priority move viable?

Vanilluxe is pretty un-viable regardless of whether it knows ice shard.

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I believe so. But that's just my opinion. Here is my reasoning:
1) Vanilluxe is outspeeded by many Pokémon, even if its speed stat isn't too bad. Ice shard covers you on that.
2) Ice shard is accuracy 100, unlike many other moves learned by Vanillite, Vanillish, and Vanilluxe.
3) STAB. Ice Shard, being power 40, gives Vanilluxe an Ice Shard a power of 60.
4) It's usually an advantage to have special attacks on your Pokémon as well as some physical attacks. For instance, If your Sp. Atk is lowered, You still have your physical attacks unchanged, and vise versa.

Having mixed attackers is generally a bad idea. If all of a Pokemon's attacks are of one category, then increasing one attack stat, whether by EVs or by setup moves, increases the damage of all the Pokemon's attacks. If an attack stat was somehow lowered, then the Pokemon can easily reset that by switching.