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If a wailmer used waterspout in the rain while holding a sea insense, what would the multiplyer of attack be?


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-Sea incense increases by 20%
-Rain dance makes it 1.5 times stronger...
-STAB makes it 1.5 times stronger


so the power would be about 355.

Of course, you could use something like a choice band or life orb for much higher power instead of sea incense. Sorry I messed up the first time, I looked on serebii and it said that it increased by 5%.

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Sea Incense increase is 20%, not 5%.
I just looked it up on Serebii, and it said 5% "Any Water-type move's power is increased by 5%; attach to female Marill and breed to get Azurill."
Okay, I looked it up here:


I'm guessing 20% is right.
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X2.7 damage multiplier if I am not mistaken. Wailmer at full health, and we are including STAB here.