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I intend to train a shroomish until it evolves into a breloom, but would poison heal ability be better on a breloom than effect spore, and why, cuz I cant really choose (answer for single battle and double battle), and do abilitys like effect spore and flame body that say, 'inflicts psn/prlz/burn on contact' have to have the foe touch YOU, or can you also touch THEM and inflict a status problem

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Effect Spore: You Cannot attack the opponet and inflict a status, they have to hit you with a physical attack. Burn Not Only Does Damage, But Lowers the burned pokemons attack, therefore, I give Effect Spore 2 Point Because burn is so helpful. Sleep gives you a HUGE Advantage, the opponet being unable to attack, I award another point to effect spore. Poison is Incredibly Helpful, lowering the opponets hp well. Therfore, Effect Spore Finishes with 4 Points.

Poison Heal: Toxic being such a Popular move, this can be incredibly helpful. For This I Give Poison heal, 2 points. There Are Lots Of Poisoning moves, and as most Brelooms have Effect Spore, This Would Be Unexpected, therefore I add 2 points to Poison Heal.

OVerall: Poison Heal and Effect Spore are Both Great Abilities, so from the reasons I gave you, choose the one you like(though presonally I like Effect Spore better):)
Hope This Helped:)

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Have to agree with this, Swampert!

Also, Breloom gets access to Toxic, Stun Spore, and Spore, so Effect Spore is just a random, pseudo-status-inducer-thingy...
Okay, why has nobody mentioned Toxic Orb and Poison Heal? I expect better from you guys.
That's the most common Breloom build. I thought it went without saying..xD
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They are both good abilities, but I would go with poison heal. Here is why.......
First effect spore will only be in effect if it is hit by physical moves. And breloom's weaknesses are mostly special attack users, fire psychic ice poison.

Poison heal would heal you every turn by a small much which could be helpful because every bit helps. And you can attack and not worry about healing. I hope this helped

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In my opinion, effect spore is better, and the enemy has to do a physicical attack to be hurt by it.

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Why, I need facts not opinion
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Poison heal is great because you have the option of giving him the toxic orb and getting healed.

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