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I'm not sure what it's EVs or IVs are or what its nature is but it's moves are as follows:
Seed Bomb
Focus Punch

Ability: Poison Heal
Item: Toxic Orb

Its my friend's and he usually uses spore first then substitute and after that focus punch.
Even if I attack him in the middle of Focus punch he doesn't flinch because of the sub and then he just uses spore again so he can substitute.

I just can't seem to think of a reliable way to counter it.

Thanks a ton guys!
scarftran with sleep talk, HP ice and lava plume (any 4th move you want) will work. Just swith into brelooms spore, then use sleep talk. If you get either Lava or HP ice then Breloom is good as dead. Tho it might be a little more risky, it's not as well known and since Mach punch won't usually OHKO, and you outspeed low  sweep/kick, you will have no trouble

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Honestly all the other answers are good but they are lacking the real counter: Celebi!

So it resists both its fighting STAB and grass STAB moves while hitting back hard with Psychic or sometimes the good old HP Fire that people use to hit Ferrothorns. Also Substitute takes care of Spore, and if you don't have it Natural Cure does the job.

Celebi @ Leftovers
enter image description here
Trait: Natural Cure
EV's: 252 HP / 216 Def / 36 Spe
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Giga Drain
- Substitute
- Hidden Power [Fire] / Psychic
- Baton Pass / Calm Mind

That said Gliscor is also a great counter to Breloom. it resists its fighting STAB while its great Def means it can take Seed Bombs all day. Gliscor can also avoid Spore by using its own Toxic Heal. Ice Fang gets the job done easily enough.

Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
enter image description here
Trait: Poison Heal
EV's: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Atk
Impish Nature (+Def, -SpA)
- Protect
- Substitute
- Ice Fang
- Earthquake

Once you have poison up Spore is useless.
So I understand that the other answers were up way earlier, but I wanted to add this because these two are really good at countering Brelooms.

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Sleep Talk Gengar

Nuff said on it as Focus Punch can't hit it and Seed Bomb is resisted(though it will still to a chuck). Gengar will outspeed and Shadow Ball or HP Ice will take it and the Sub out. Also SubDisable works well for stopping Spore (gawd such a troll set >.>)

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A basic physical DNite should solve the issue.

Dragonite @ Lum Berry

Trait: Multiscale

EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd

Adamant / Jolly Nature (+ Spd or Atk, -SAtk)

  • Outrage
  • ExtremeSpeed
  • Fire Punch
  • Anything else

ExtremeSpeed automatically hits him first. If Spore comes into play, Lum Berry wakes you up. Fire Punch finishes the job, and Outrage can hurt some pokes real bad.

Use Sub as the last move, rendering Spore useless after you have used your Lum Berry.
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Okay, instead of Fly, Brave Bird must be a better option.

The recoiling damage isn't much, and quite frankly, four times a move that is 140 power, I'd truly recommend.

I know Staraptor knows it at some point, so try him.
If you can't get Brave Bird quite frankly any Flying type move.

Good Luck. :)

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Fly is a horrible competitive move.
Switching to a Pokemon immune to Flying, never saw that coming. xD
Well, anything Flying anyway.