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A Breloom with:

A toxic orb- healing every turn (poison heal).

Fling- badly poison the opponent.

Protect- to heal me more, and hurt the opponent more.

Seed Bomb- good STAB.

Sky uppercut- Also good STAB.

Like my toxic orb strategy? any suggestions?

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Well, considering this is Breloom, one of the few Pokemon who can use Spore, you should replace the Fling strategy with a Spore-Focus Punch strategy, which is much more powerful. Your idea is fairly good, but almost perfect sleep is a lot more useful. As such, replace Fling, Protect, and Sky Uppercut for Spore, Focus Punch, and either Facade or Swords Dance.

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My only focus punch? really...
Spore-Focus Punch is a really reliable way to get in Focus Punch. Only a Sub-Punch is more effective. Plus, Spore by itself is amazing.