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So if I were to have a Snorlax with the ability Immunity, while holding a Toxic Orb, would I technically have an immunity to all main status' (FRZ, PRZ, SLP, BRN) by having Toxic override it (if it can?)
Here is my full list of questions:

  • Since Toxic Orb activates Poison status at the END of every turn, if I get inflicted with a main status such as Burn or Paralysis, will Poison override it, and then be healed off due to the Immunity ability?

  • Will Poison be healed before it does damage to Snorlax since it is at the end of the turn?

  • When exactly does Immunity activate? If it is supposed to activate before Toxic Orb, this strategy will fail :(

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Just tested on PO and I found that it the toxic orb does not activate. At the end of the turn, it nullifies the Toxic Orb's effect because of Immunity. You can be paralyzed or burned or whatever and poison will not override it. So sadly, no it doesn't work.

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Aww darn it!
Oh well, thank you anyway!