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Cloyster + Icicle Spear + Skill Link + Never-Melt Ice + Hail + 252 Atk EVs + STAB
I'm wasn't sure, I just know it does a crap ton of damage.

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It could work to your benefit. Not many people expect an offensive Cloyster, mainly because he's a pretty decent Physical wall. It would be pretty powerful, but pokemon that resist Ice type moves would still be a problem; his base attack isn't too high. Also, you are giving up the other two options for your ability: Overcoat and Shell armor, both quite useful (shell armor is a little better, in my opinion)

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First, Cloyster will much more appreciate a focus sash than a never melt ice because a focus sash will often let it use shell smash one more time, and one shell smash boost is much better than the boost from never melt ice. Also, pretty much the only thing hail does is hurt the opponent at the end of the turn, which would be insignificant if you're one-shotting everything already. If you make these changes, then you should get something like this.
Cloyster @ focus sash
Ability: skill link
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly nature
- shell smash
- icicle spear
- rock blast
- liquidation
This set can work in a few formats, such as RU, Monotype, and BSS, but it won't work in VGC or any generation of OU because stuff like Keldeo is so common in those formats.

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The set up required for this isn't that bad. However, what makes it better than Shell Smash and Focus Band Icicle Spear? I see this good on a hail team, where you switch out into Hail and give it Choice Band, save Ice Rock/Never-Melt-Ice for another member. Problems I see are: Weather teams aren't great, unless you're playing mono-type, having all members a common type isn't great (and, even if you are mono-type, I'm not sure if weather is reliable in that meta, either).

The Shell Smash Cloyster is better, mostly because it has way more speed and is way more reliable. It's not bad, and could be pretty good on mono-type/in-game team, but it isn't great in the RU, UU, OU, or Ubers meta.
(The main formats that it is used in, and I'm also sure weather isn't great in VGC 18)

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Thanks. I was doing some research on this earlier today on a damage calculator and found out that even against a lvl 100 pokemon that has a double resistance to ice it still can 2 hit KO it. I am playing Alpha Sapphire and was just doing some stuff with balanced teams.
cool, i'll test it out on a mono-ice team
How is it not great in RU?