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So crawdaunts at +2 atk (swords dance) it mhas splash plate (1.2x)
STAB(1.5x) and it uses aqua jet (priority) so how much power will it have not how much damage it can do to a lvl 1 Pokemon!


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The Aqua Jet will have a base 288 power.

  • 402(Swords Dance)2(Adaptability)1.2(Splash Plate)1.5(STAB)=288

The damage this will do can't be calculated because it will do a different amount of damage to ever other Pokemon.

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than you but on swords dance can i ask ( im new to competitive) how you got 402?
well, it is supposed to be 40*2 but my asterix seems to have disappeared in my answer and even when  I edit it, it doesn't re-appear
You do realise that the 2 is in italics..?