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A lvl 37 84 attack stat Cincciono Max Happiness Silk Scarf STAB Return do?

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sheez,a lot of questions about CINCINNO today! Maybe i should get a PERSIAN to eat those mincinnos.
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I guess I can give you the amount of damage with Cincinno's attac stat unfactored although if you would like me to add that In I'll try to edit it in

Return = 102BP

STAB = 50% - 102 + 51 = 153BP

Scarf Whistle = 20% - 153 + 20% = 184BP (Rounded up)

The base damage of the attack (Not factoring in Cincinno's attack) is 184BP

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Ok so rounded with attack would be about 200?
Hard to say, I am not sure what a BP is Relative to a single attack point. I suppose if you want to assume, It might deal 268BP worth of damage?
WOW! I have a death Machine on my hands...Fu fu fu...
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As already said, the base power would be 184. However, that doesn't tell you how much damage...

The formula is:

BaseDamage = ((((2 × Level) ÷ 5 + 2) * BasePower * [Sp]Atk) ÷ [Sp]Def) ÷ 50 + 2

Plugging in your stuff...

16.8 1.2 87 /Defense/50 + 2

Damage: 35.0784/Defense+2

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soooo....how much damage would it do???
You can't tell without the opponent's defense factored in.