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e.g. is it not very effective , very effective with scrappy or average damage ? thanks

or does it depend on what pokemon it is for example a two type ghost (Gengar)
Depends on types, weaknesses and abilities..

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Scrappy is an ability which basically removes the immunities of Ghost Type Pokemon - So you can hit Ghost types with Fighting or Normal type attacks for neutral damage. However, if the Pokemon has a secondary typing, the effectiveness of your attack will be decided by that. For example, if Scrappy Kangaskhan used Return on Aegislash, it would be Not Very Effective, since Steel resists Normal and Scrappy removes the immunity of Ghost.

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Well it depends actually. Scrappy ignores the ghost type so if you used a normal move on gengar, it would do neutral damage because normal is neutral on poison on the other hand if you used a fighting type on gengar, it would be resisted.

Another situation is aegislash, which resists normal, but fighting is super effective against it.

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