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A similar question:
But I feel it to be kinda silly, so please no hidden power, judgement, multi-attack etc.
Include stuff like:
Silvally(fighting) cannot learn a fighting type move.
Thanks in advance!

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My Beldum has Iron Head and Zen Headbutt and is not from an event.
I have decided to answer.
Gathered pokemon that can't learn STAB moves in gen 1
#In Generation 1
*knows a damaging <s>type</s> move, but doesn't recieve STAB

Omanyte (ROCK)
Omastar (ROCK)
Kabuto (Rock)
Kabutops (Rock)
Aerodactyl (Rock)
Catarpie  (Bug)
Metapod (Bug)
Butterfree (Bug+Flying)
Weedle (Bug)
Kakuna (Bug)
Scyther (Bug)
Pinsir (Bug)
Gastly (Poison)
Hauntar (Poison)
Gengar (Poison)
Venonat (Poison)
Venomoth (Poison)
Zubat (Poison)
Golbat (Poison)
Gyarados (Flying)
Dragonite (Flying+Dragon*)
Dratini (Dragon*)
Dragonair (Dragon*)
Magikarp (Water)
Hitmonchan (Fighting*)
Poliwrath (Fighting*)
Ditto (Normal)

Will answer later.
Hitmonchan learns submission.
I know that in Gen 3, Mawile couldn’t learn a Steel type move other than Iron Defense.
I removed Wobbuffet because it learns Mirror Coat, which is a Psychic type move

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As of Generation 7, Pokémon that cannot learn a move from which they receive STAB are:
Wobbuffet (Mirror Coat cannot receive STAB)
Azurill (learns no offensive Fairy-type moves)
Mime Jr. (learns no Fairy-type moves)
Oricorio (in no form does it receive STAB from its non-Flying type outside of Revelation Dance)
Silvally: Fighting, Fairy

Pokémon that cannot learn a move from which they receive STAB on their own include:
Metapod (Bug Bite is only obtainable through a move tutor or Caterpie)
Kakuna (Bug Bite is only obtainable through a move tutor or Weedle. Poison Sting is exclusively through Weedle)
Togepi (only learns offensive Fairy-type attacks through TMs and breeding)
Gligar (though it learns Acrobatics, it cannot learn any offensive Ground-type attacks through leveling up)
Delibird (though it learns Drill Peck through leveling up, it cannot learn offensive Ice-type attacks without help)
Tyrogue (can only learn offensive Fighting-type attacks through breeding, TMs, and tutors)
Silcoon (identical to Metapod)
Cascoon (identical to Kakuna)
Surskit (learns no offensive Bug-type moves through leveling up)
Ninjask (learns no offensive Flying-type moves through leveling up)
Feebas (learns no offensive Water-type moves through leveling up)
Beldum (learns no offensive Steel- or Psychic-type moves through leveling up)
Budew (learns no offensive Poison-type moves through leveling up)
Gliscor (learns no offensive Ground-type moves through leveling up)
Arceus: Fire, Fighting, Water, Flying, Grass, Poison, Electric, Rock, Ice, Bug, Dragon, Ghost, Dark, Steel
Darmanitan-Zen (learns no offensive Psychic-type attacks through leveling up)
Ferroseed (learns no offensive Grass-type attacks through leveling up)
Thundurus (learns no offensive Flying-type attacks through leveling up)
Spewpa (identical to Metapod)
Wimpod (learns no offensive Water-type attacks through leveling up)
Silvally: Water, Grass, Ground, Psychic, Rock, Bug, Dragon, Ghost
Minior (learns no offensive Flying-type moves through leveling up)

I believe that is all of them.

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