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Which Pokemon Type has the most 'STAB' moves?

I'm trying to build a Pokemon set with adaptabilty for metronome battle on 'Showdown!', and I want to know what type of moves would show up most frequently, and which dual-typing would be most useful to have for the Pokemon.

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Offensive typing and STAB don't matter very much in metronome battles. The best Pokemon are the ones with a very high attack stat (like mega Heracross) or they have good defensive stats and typing (like mega Venusaur or mega Sableye).
I believe it's normal
I think what you mean to ask is "What type has the most damage dealing moves?".

STAB is an acronym for "Same Type Attack Bonus".  There aren't any particular attacks that get STAB.  It's dependant on whether or not the type of the Pokemon and the type of the move match.  If they match, the attack gets a 1.5 multiplier to its damage.  If not, nothing happens.

I would assume that BaronVonThomason III is correct, Normal has the most damage dealing moves.  However, a number of them are decidedly rather weak, like Tackle, Scratch, Quick Attack, etc.
In metronome battles, given the sheer number of moves, I don't think STAB matters much or at all. Mathematically speaking, there's just too many moves of too many types for STAB to be reliable in powering up the moves. And there's always the risk of the opponent using Protect or regaining HP, pretty much nullifying the small benefit the rng provides. As sumwun suggested, having high attack/defense is much more useful as a benefit in the long run. Individually, a STAB Giga Impact fired off by a Pokemon with base 80 Attack may be stronger for that turn, but a Pokemon with base 100 or 120 Attack using non STAB physical moves will eventually deal more damage. The longer the game goes on, the less effective STAB becomes and offensive stats start giving better returns.

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(this answer ignores moves that were removed in gen 8)

/ms !status,normal:
Bind, Body Slam, Boomburst, Covet, Crush Claw, Crush Grip, Cut, Double Hit, Double-Edge, Echoed Voice, and 57 more. Redo the search with ', all' at the end to show all results.
/ms !status,fighting:
Arm Thrust, Aura Sphere, Body Press, Brick Break, Circle Throw, Close Combat, Counter, Cross Chop, Double Kick, Drain Punch, and 28 more. Redo the search with ', all' at the end to show all results.
/ms !status,fire:
Blast Burn, Blaze Kick, Blue Flare, Burn Up, Burning Jealousy, Ember, Eruption, Fiery Dance, Fire Blast, Fire Fang, and 27 more. Redo the search with ', all' at the end to show all results.
/ms !status,grass:
Absorb, Apple Acid, Branch Poke, Bullet Seed, Drum Beating, Energy Ball, Frenzy Plant, G-Max Drum Solo, G-Max Sweetness, G-Max Tartness, and 25 more. Redo the search with ', all' at the end to show all results.
/ms !status,water:
Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Brine, Bubble Beam, Crabhammer, Dive, Fishious Rend, Flip Turn, G-Max Cannonade, G-Max Foam Burst, and 24 more. Redo the search with ', all' at the end to show all results.
/ms !status,electric:
Aura Wheel, Bolt Beak, Bolt Strike, Charge Beam, Discharge, Electro Ball, Electroweb, Fusion Bolt, G-Max Stun Shock, G-Max Volt Crash, Max Lightning, Nuzzle, Overdrive, Parabolic Charge, Plasma Fists, Rising Voltage, Shock Wave, Spark, Thunder, Thunder Cage, Thunder Fang, Thunder Punch, Thunder Shock, Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Volt Tackle, Wild Charge, Zap Cannon, Zing Zap
(29 moves)
/ms !status,dark:
Assurance, Beat Up, Bite, Brutal Swing, Crunch, Dark Pulse, Darkest Lariat, False Surrender, Fiery Wrath, Fling, Foul Play, G-Max One Blow, G-Max Snooze, Jaw Lock, Knock Off, Lash Out, Max Darkness, Night Daze, Night Slash, Payback, Power Trip, Snarl, Sucker Punch, Thief, Throat Chop, Wicked Blow
(26 moves)
/ms !status,steel:
Anchor Shot, Behemoth Bash, Behemoth Blade, Bullet Punch, Doom Desire, Double Iron Bash, Flash Cannon, G-Max Meltdown, G-Max Steelsurge, Gear Grind, Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam, Iron Head, Iron Tail, Max Steelspike, Metal Burst, Metal Claw, Meteor Mash, Smart Strike, Steel Beam, Steel Roller, Steel Wing, Sunsteel Strike
(23 moves)
/ms !status,psychic:
Confusion, Dream Eater, Eerie Spell, Expanding Force, Extrasensory, Freezing Glare, Future Sight, G-Max Gravitas, Luster Purge, Max Mindstorm, Mirror Coat, Mist Ball, Photon Geyser, Prismatic Laser, Psybeam, Psychic, Psychic Fangs, Psycho Cut, Psyshock, Psystrike, Stored Power, Zen Headbutt
(22 moves)
/ms !status,dragon:
Breaking Swipe, Clanging Scales, Core Enforcer, Draco Meteor, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Dragon Darts, Dragon Energy, Dragon Hammer, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Dragon Tail, Dual Chop, Dynamax Cannon, Eternabeam, G-Max Depletion, Max Wyrmwind, Outrage, Roar of Time, Scale Shot, Spacial Rend, Twister
(22 moves)
/ms !status,ice:
Aurora Beam, Avalanche, Blizzard, Freeze Shock, Freeze-Dry, Frost Breath, G-Max Resonance, Glacial Lance, Glaciate, Ice Beam, Ice Burn, Ice Fang, Ice Punch, Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear, Icy Wind, Max Hailstorm, Powder Snow, Sheer Cold, Triple Axel
(21 moves)
/ms !status,ground:
Bone Rush, Bonemerang, Bulldoze, Dig, Drill Run, Earth Power, Earthquake, Fissure, G-Max Sandblast, High Horsepower, Land's Wrath, Max Quake, Mud Shot, Mud-Slap, Precipice Blades, Sand Tomb, Scorching Sands, Stomping Tantrum, Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves
(20 moves)
/ms !status,flying:
Acrobatics, Aerial Ace, Aeroblast, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Bounce, Brave Bird, Dragon Ascent, Drill Peck, Dual Wingbeat, Fly, G-Max Wind Rage, Gust, Hurricane, Max Airstream, Oblivion Wing, Peck, Pluck, Sky Attack, Wing Attack
(20 moves)
/ms !status,poison:
Acid, Acid Spray, Belch, Clear Smog, Cross Poison, G-Max Malodor, Gunk Shot, Max Ooze, Poison Fang, Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Poison Tail, Shell Side Arm, Sludge, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Smog, Venoshock
(18 moves)
/ms !status,bug:
Attack Order, Bug Bite, Bug Buzz, Fell Stinger, First Impression, Fury Cutter, G-Max Befuddle, Infestation, Leech Life, Lunge, Max Flutterby, Megahorn, Pin Missile, Pollen Puff, Skitter Smack, Struggle Bug, U-turn, X-Scissor
(18 moves)
/ms !status,ghost:
Astonish, Astral Barrage, G-Max Terror, Hex, Lick, Max Phantasm, Moongeist Beam, Night Shade, Phantom Force, Poltergeist, Shadow Ball, Shadow Bone, Shadow Claw, Shadow Force, Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, Spectral Thief, Spirit Shackle
(18 moves)
/ms !status,rock:
Accelerock, Ancient Power, Diamond Storm, G-Max Volcalith, Head Smash, Max Rockfall, Meteor Beam, Power Gem, Rock Blast, Rock Slide, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Rock Wrecker, Rollout, Smack Down, Stone Edge
(16 moves)
/ms !status,fairy:
Dazzling Gleam, Disarming Voice, Draining Kiss, Fairy Wind, Fleur Cannon, G-Max Finale, G-Max Smite, Max Starfall, Misty Explosion, Moonblast, Nature's Madness, Play Rough, Spirit Break, Strange Steam
(14 moves)

There are 4 normal attack moves (super fang, horn drill, guillotine, and endeavor) that can't get STAB, but it's still not enough for any other type to possibly have more moves that can get STAB.
If you really want to use normal STAB attacks in metronome battles, then I recommend using this team. It's not as useful as Heracross, but it still might let you peak the ladder with enough patience.

Snorlax @ choice band
Ability: full metal body
EVs: 252 every stat
Docile nature
- metronome

Chromera @ Normalium Z
Ability: magic bounce
EVs: 252 every stat
Serious nature
- metronome

If somebody wanted to use Normal STAB attacks in metronome battles, couldn't they give a Normal type Pokemon Normalize? It may be a bad ability, but I have no idea how the formats meta works and what's good or not.
Pure Normal-type coverage is pretty bad as Ghost-types are common in Metronome Battles, especially Dusclops and Necturna.