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For example magikarp is a water type but it cannot learn any water type moves So how many pokemons are there like that?


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Just Magikarp.

Every other Pokemon can use Hidden Power, and the ones who can't I looked and checked.

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thanks again dude
Well Magikarp can in Gen 2. It learns Bubble.
By Event.
I know.
If you are talking about any moves at all then I can only think of Magikarp as well, but if we are talking about attacking moves there are a few.

The first thing that comes to mind is Pyukumuku, it can't learn a water type attack but can still learn water type moves. But, another answer to the question is Cosmog and Cosmoem because they only learn Teleport, Cosmic Power, and Splash. I'm sure that these are not the only ones but they are all I can think of at the moment, sorry!
If you're not sure you have all of them, you should comment instead of answering.

Besides, this isn't what the question asked. Pyukumuku still learns Water type moves and Cosmog/em still learn Psychic moves -- the question didn't ask for only attacking moves.
Magikarp now learns Hydro Pump from TR in SwSh