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Of either typing if it is dual typed, and including status moves(Not sure if that's what their called, but an example would be Growl.)

Yeah, I checked that, STAB is specifically attacking moves(Same Type Attack Boost)
For example it lists Ditto as one, and Ditto's normal, Transform is Normal, but Transform is a status move.

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I am answering this by cross-referencing the other answer.
Metapod (Gens 1-4, excluding HGSS)
Pinsir (Gens 1, RS and FRLG)
Magikarp (Gen 1-4, 6-7)
Scyther (Gen 1)
Silcoon (Gen 3 and DPPt)
Cascoon (Gen 3 and DPPt)
Beldum (Gen 3, DP, BW, XY and SM)
Kricketot (DP)
Source: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/357303/are-there-any-pokemon-that-dont-get-stab-moves
(I used this answer to eliminate most of the Pokemon and then just checked their movesets for each Generation)

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Magikarp gets Hydro Pump by TR03 in Gen 8 and by event in Gen 5
I'm stupdi
Also Pinsir gets Fury Cutter in Gen 2 and Emerald.
Thanks so much Jtm