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So as you read in the title/question or whatever, you might not understand what I mean, so I'll give out my exact situation.

So I'm playing Pokemon Black Version 2 and I have a growlithe, I don't want to mess up his move set so here I am, so what I'm planing for my growlithe since I have a fire stone at the ready is to get him to lvl 34, where he learns "Flamethrower" but I also want him to learn the move "Extreme Speed" which he learns as an Arcanine at level 34 so will it work if I get my growlithe to level 34 and then when he learns "Flamethrower" I immediately give him the fire stone, what I'm worried about is that, will he learn "Extreme Speed" too or will it be too late and I have to go to a move tutor or something?


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Yes, so what happens is at level 34, it will say Growlithe is trying to learn Flamethrower, but already has four moves. Replace a move for Flamethrower? Select yes, and teach it Flamethrower. Then, use a fire stone, and it will evolve. After it evolved, while still in the evolution menu, it will say “Arcanine is trying to learn Extreme Speed, etc.” So there you go! I hope I helped!


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